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Textile Transfer Paper Instructions:

Step 1 - Printing

  1. Remember, you must only print onto the one coated side, otherwise you will get bad print results and a disastrous transfer. As noted on the pack, this is the side facing down as you read this.
  2. To get the transfer the right way round, you must print your image in reverse, as a mirror image.
  3. When using an iron (rather than a heat press), it is advisable to keep individual images small enough to be covered entirely by the iron, for easy transfer.
  4. This paper is compatible with most Hewlett Packard, Canon and Epson inkjet printers. To obtain the best possible results you should select the following settings:
    • Set the printer driver (options) mode to 'Paper' or 'Standard Paper'
    • Print resolution 360 dpi (Canon and Epson) and 300 dpi for HP.
    • Manual feed only.

Step 2 - Transferring

  1. First cut carefully around the printed image with a sharp pair of scissors, remembering to leave a narrow margin around the edge. The margin is important for sealing the image correctly.
  2. Set the iron to maximum heat.
  3. Make sure the fabric is lying crease-free on the ironing board.
  4. Place the transfer paper, image down, onto the fabric.
  5. Make sure there is no possibility of steam coming from any steam nozzles. Then using light pressure, iron evenly over the back of the transfer paper for 20-30 seconds.
  6. Allow the fabric to cool down completely.
  7. Now pick up a corner of the back of the transfer paper and peel this release away from the fabric in one smooth, even movement.

Step 3-Washing

  1. Your T-shirt , sweatshirt, apron, cotton bag, etc. is now finished. But please be patient. It is important to leave it for at least 24 hours before using or washing it. The inks need time to fix properly.
  2. Items are safest machine-washed as a Delicate item (max. 40°C).
  3. Do not tumble-dry or dry-clean, hang to dry
  4. After washing, iron on the reverse side only. Do not iron directly over the transferred image.

Remember, you can experiment with crayons and fibre-tip pens too. Hand art can look good too!

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