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Tips & Ideas: Self Seal

Our Self-Seal products are for simple do-it-yourself document protection. Just slip your document under Self-Seal's glass clear protective surface, and smooth down the back to seal permanently.

Our Self-Seal wallets come in two sizes: Self Seal A4+ Wallet and Self Seal ID Card Wallet. The ID card wallets are 100x65mm, and have been specially designed to fit our ID cards: Glossy and Matt.

How to use Self-Seal:

  1. Place Self-Seal on a flat surface with the transparent side facing up, open it and carefully insert your document into the crease.
  2. Turn Self-Seal over so the transparent side faces downwards, open the back and remove the tear-away strip.
  3. Make sure you are happy with the placement of your document, then close Self-Seal and press along the edge, which will secure your document into place.
  4. Open the back, peel away the inner paper, and smooth this adhesive side down your document using a straight edge.
  5. Make sure the edges are firmly pressed down to make a seal

It's that quick and easy! No machine, tools or mess!

You can use Self-Seal for any document you wish to protect from water, tearing or soiling.

Use it for menus, membership cards, signs and more!

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